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What our virtual assistant do?

We provide personal assistance (virtual assistant/VA) services remotely from our office. You can save a lot of money on operational cost when you work with us. Like, you are not responsible for any employee taxes, insurance or benefits. Also, can avoid the logistical problem of providing extra office space, equipment or supplies. You will pay for 100% productive work. You can work with your virtual assistant, individually, or in multi-VA team to meet your exact needs. Our common modes of communication are email, skype, and other popular IMs.

Why you need our virtual assistant?

As a professional, you get forced to do everything yourself, cut costs and work really hard. However, there’s a point where too much hard work could work you out of more business. A few of the core factors in deciding whether it’s time to get help are timing, expense and purpose. A good indication that you need help is recognizing that you can’t get everything done. You may feel stressed, overwhelmed and rarely end a day with a sense of accomplishment.

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Why our service is better than freelancers?

Whenever you add a layer of management, it is heading to cost more. You could find freelancers on many on-line platforms. But finding somebody on-line includes clear risks. You need to post an ad and wait for the replies to come. Once you have a list of candidates, you should start interviewing them. Need to decide what tasks you would like to delegate to them first.

Once the selection is made you will engage a contract with the freelancer. If in case of a disagreement with the freelancer, you start the steps again from the beginning and you set some of your confidential data on risk with the freelancer you worked with initially. So, instead saving time on tasks, you will end up with wasting more time. But with us, you can make sure the security of your data and the completion of tasks as agreed.

How can a virtual assistant benefits your wallet?

virtual assistant

Saving on Hiring a Full-Time Employee

Save on Office Space

Save on Office & Equipments

virtual assistant

Only Pay for Time Spent on Tasks

People from some of the amazing companies use our services to save their valuable time

Our virtual assistants are not super humans. But we do your tasks perfectly, just like you do. Our aim is to save your valuable time, not to mess up with impossible stuffs.

Applications we work with

HR & Employee Management Software
Zoho Recruit
Charlie HR

Operations Management Software
Zoho Inventory

Customer Management Software
Zoho CRM
Zoho Desk
HubSpot CRM

Project Management & Planning Software
Microsoft Planner
Microsoft Project

Sales Software
HubSpot Sales

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